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  • 5284 Lyngate Court, Burke, VA 22015

  • Mon-Thur: 8am-5pm / Fri: 8am-12pm

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Treff is a kid at heart

Pediatric Dentistry of Burke proudly offers high-quality pediatric restorative dental care in a loving, caring atmosphere. Dr. Treff is a child at heart, and he is committed to helping your child feel safe.

One thing that separates Dr. Treff from other pediatric dentists in the area is his glasses. They might not seem that special, but to him, they are what allow him to connect with any child instantly. He wears his glasses, his team wears their glasses, and he offers a pair of glasses to each child who visits his office, and an instant trust is formed.

In his office, Dr. Treff performs various procedures, including crowns, extractions, and fillings.

Crowns: Tooth-like caps that are placed over a damaged tooth to preserve the functionality and integrity of a tooth.

Extractions: A procedure in which a damaged tooth must be removed.

Fillings: There are two forms of fillings, mercury-based or composite, and a filling is placed upon a damaged portion of a tooth to prevent further decay. Dr. Treff can use both mercury-based and composite fillings, but he prefers to use composite due to their durability and health benefits.

Before each procedure, Dr. Treff will take the time to discuss each available treatment option with a child's parent to ensure both the parents and the child know the best treatment option has been picked.